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Router Problems - Interference

Your Wireless Router can potentially be the source of some internet performance problems.  Among the problems that your Router can have is interference.  It is relatively common to have a customer's router interferring with our Wireless Antenna on their roof - so that they are essentially interfering with their own internet, and therefor causing their own performance problems. Understanding what is going on with the computers and routers and devices on your home network, and understanding how to solve the potential problems it is important.

Why Choose a Simultaneous Dual Band Router?

Dual Band Wireless Routers have the capability to transmit on the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless band at the same time. We recommend clients purchase a Dual Band Router that can use both networks Simultaneously, and that they choose the band with the best performance and the least interference.  In most cases, that will mean using the 5Ghz side of the router for the majority of your devices, and using the 2.4Ghz side of the router for only those devices which need to based on their capabilities. It is also important to know how to select channels on your router, and to choose channels which are separated as far as possible from the channels we use to transmit data to our antenna on your roof.

2.4GHz is more widespread in usage (all 802.11b and g devices run on 2.4GHz only) but it has only 3 non-overlapping channels for transmission, which are crowded due to a lot of interfering devices- other Wi-Fi access points, microwave ovens, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, home security systems, baby monitors, etc. all make for a noisy environment which increase interference and degrade your performance. 5GHz channel is much cleaner with less interference with 23 non-overlapping channels - 8 times more than 2.4GHz for transmission - which makes it more suitable for applications like Video streaming and Gaming which are very sensitive to packet loss and delays.

It's also important to note that there are two types of Dual Band Routers in the market: Simultaneous and Selectable Dual Band Routers with very different capabilities and performance:

Simultaneous Dual Band Selectable Dual Band
Twice the bandwidth Same bandwidth as single band router
Dedicated Wifi Network for Video and Gaming Single Wifi network for all devices - No different than single band router
Separate networks avoid interference Single network is more crowded
Two separate Wifi networks operating simultaneously Selectable Single Band Wifi network

Simultaneous Dual Band Routers provide the ultimate in flexibility and performance by providing two independent, dedicated networks which are both operational at the same time.

dualband diagram

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