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SHAW - VOD - Video on Demand

It is important for you to know and understand how to manage what is going on with your home network. Most commonly, when people have speed related issues - it's typically because they have devices or applications that are transmitting data over their home network and/or their internet connection, and that they are unaware that is happening.

If you have a 'High Speed Basic' connection out in the rural area, and if you have several devices all connected, and if those devices are connected to a wireless router - then all those factors will reduce your speed and performance of Shaw Direct VOD.  Also, your choice of wireless routers and frequencies can impact your performance greatly.  We recommend you read the Knowledgebase article on Wireless Router choices.

Manage your Video on Demand bandwidth

If you are concerned about the amount of data Shaw Direct On Demand will use, you can set a limit on the maximum download rate when streaming content. Reducing the Maximum download rate can often result in better and more consistent performance, with less buffering and with less impact on other internet users in your home who may be trying to share the internet at the same time.

  • Make sure your Parental Controls are enabled.
  • Press "D" on your remote control, navigate to "VOD Settings" and enter your parental password to access the menu.
    • By setting a maximum download rate, streaming will use less bandwidth by lowering the video quality.
    • HD VOD titles require at least 5.0 Mbps to stream. Settings lower than this will be temporarily overridden to "5 Mbps" when ordering HD content.
    • Many rural internet connections are 2 Mbps or less, so setting your Maximum download rate at '2 Mbps' and ordering only SD content is recommended.
Maximum download rate Good enough for… Maximum Usage (GB per hour of On Demand video watched)
8 Mbps HD/SD 3.52 GB/h
7 Mbps HD/SD 3.08 GB/h
6 Mbps HD/SD 2.64 GB/h
5 Mbps HD/SD 2.20 GB/h
4 Mbps SD 1.76 GB/h
3 Mbps SD 1.32 GB/h
2 Mbps SD 0.88 GB/h

Why am I experiencing slower speeds on the "Connection speed test" than expected?

There are a number of factors to consider when interpreting the results of the connection speed test.

  • The "Connection speed test" is just a snapshot of the speed at the moment the test was run.
    • Heavy network traffic either in your home or outside may lower test results.
  • Satellite receivers will not match the speeds on a PC or laptop.
  • The "Connection speed test" does not measure how fast your Internet is. This is only a measurment of how fast your satellite receiver is able to download content from the Shaw Direct On Demand network. Many factors, including other traffic on the Shaw Direct on Demand network, network traffic on the internet between Shaw Direct and your location, as well as heavy network traffic either in your home or outside may all lower test results.
  • If you are using a wireless router connection, the speed test results will be reduced. We recommend connecting your Shaw Direct receiver directly to your internet connection, and bypassing your wireless router.

For the most accurate "Connection speed test", your Shaw Direct receiver should be wired directly to your internet connection, and please also ensure that no other devices in your home are consuming bandwidth while the speed test is running. This knowledgebase article explains some information about Wireless Routers and the benefits of choosing a Dual Band router and using 5 Ghz frequencies for faster access with less interference.

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