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Windows 10 'CLOUD' Update

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft has begun doing an automatic ''Cloud Windows Update'' system.  What this means is that:

A) By default, Windows Update settings are automatically configured by Microsoft.

B) You have less information and knowledge about what is going on in the background on your computer.

C) Microsoft has effectively turned your computer into a "Windows Update SERVER" for other Microsoft customers.


So, what all this means is that updates for previous versions of Windows would notify and ask you if you wanted to do the updates, which would give you knowledge and give you a choice about if and when to do the Windows Updates. With Windows 10, Microsoft has chosen that your computer will download these updates automatically, in the background, without asking you, and often without even notifying you that it is happening.

Additionally - 
Windows 10 as a "feature" that they call "Delivery Optimization" which means that OTHER PEOPLE MAY BE GETTING THEIR WINDOWS 10 UPDATES FROM YOU - which means that Microsoft basically is using your comptuer as an "Windows Update SERVER" for other Microsoft Customers to get their updates from.

It is always important to know and to understand what it going on with your network in your home. One of the major factors impacting internet performance is data going in and out over your internet connection in the background that you are unaware of. Cloud and Torrent programs (for example: DropBox, iCloud, OneDrive, uTorrent/BitTorrent, Cobalt, Carbonite, iShare, Google Drive, etc) are often the culprit when people are experiencing lower than expected performance.

To use an analogy - it would be like having all your downstairs water faucets all turned on, all full blast - that would absolutely impact your water pressure and availability of hot water...  but there wouldn't really be anything "wrong" with the water supply. It would simply be that it's all being used up at the moment.

Microsoft calls this new system 'Windows Update Delivery Optimization', and this is critically important to understand - as it bascially allows millions of people on the internet to upload these updates and apps from your computers, which will steal your available bandwidth and will slow down your apparent internet performance.

How do I turn Delivery Optimization off?

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Start Start button icon, then Settings > Update & security > Windows Update , and then select Advanced options.
  2. On the Advanced options page, scroll down and choose "Deliver Optimization" (which is often light grey so that it is easy to overlook) and then use the toggle button to turn Delivery Optimization off. When turned off, you'll still get updates and apps from Windows Update and from the Windows Store, you just won't become a server to share those updates out with everyone else in the world.

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